15-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
We are looking for a refrigerator, microwave and small sized coffee maker or electric kettle for my son who will be dorming this fall. Would be greatly appreciated.
15-Jul-2018Fairfield, CA(7 miles)Items Wanted
in lieu of an iron and ironing board, which I have no room for. Thanks!
14-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
Hey there, my girlfriend and I are interested in brewing our own kombucha and we are looking for a local with a scoby that they'd be willing to share. We know they are available on Amazon, but we'd prefer to know exactly where it's coming from. Thank you!
14-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
I have the wooden frame but i just need the mattress or cushion that goes on top of the wood
14-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
My boyfriend fixing up my bike, need parts please, for a 20" anything will help. We can pick up.. thank you
14-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
I'm a freshman college student with low income in desperate need of a functioning laptop that can go online and be compatible with writing essays. If anyone has on please message me asap classes start in less then a month for me. Thank you for reading.
12-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
We found a bearded Dragon and in desperate need of a habitat. We have a dog kennel but he squeezes through the holes and likes to clime. please any help would be great so that we can keep this cute guy.
11-Jul-2018Fairfield, CA(7 miles)Items Wanted
mine was stolen last night. Thanks in advance!
11-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
I ordered some generic refills online and they won't work. Hoping someone has a new mop or refills for the ocedar.
I'm looking for magazines to make collages! I need lots. Please let me know if you have any. I can pick them up. Thanks. Daniel 530-520-3666
11-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
Steam cleaning vacuum
11-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
My neighbor's walker was stolen from his car. Does anyone have one that they aren't using anymore? Thank you!
10-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
Anyone have an air mattress that they are done with? My son would love it as he sets up his new apartment. Thanks!
Seeking 5 gallon (or other large) water jug. Can pick up. 530-650-6339
10-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
Hi! My laptop's wifi capabilities are terrible and I cannot use the internet at my office (I am not allowed to use wired connection). Do any of you have a usb wifi adapter with an antenna? I want to check here before buying one. I don't think it has to be super fancy, but if it has an external antenna, perfect. I would only use it at the office.
10-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
I m a college student who rented out the living room and am trying to make a room divide by bookshelves anything you don t need would be appreciated!
10-Jul-2018Antioch, CA(21 miles)Items Wanted
Need boxes for moving
9-Jul-2018Davis, CA(25 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for television rabbit ears and converter box for a really old television- big, boxy type. Can pick up any day. Thanks!
9-Jul-2018Martinez, CA(24 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for any board games that you are no longer using as we are looking for new games to play. Also, if you have any that are missing pieces that is fine as well. Some games that come to mind are operation, scrabble, clue, monopoly, cribbage, etc. Thank you!!
8-Jul-2018Vacaville, CA(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a working used flat screen TV. Aux. Hookups needed.
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